RYŪGAKU: Explorations in Study Abroad

Wordle Summary
Title: Towards a richer understanding of the study abroad experience
Author: Julian Piggot
Published: April 2011 (Volume 4, No. 1)
Pages: 2 - 10
Type of Article: qualitatitive case study
Informants: 5 sophomores at Ritsumeikan University
Instrument(s): A single post-return semi-structured interview
(Language of interview not specified,
nor is the time gap between the SA return and interview)
Procedure: Interview data was coded by the researcher according to guidelines recommended by Gillham (2005) and Braun & Clarke (2006).

Validity Issues:
  1. The author was the sole coder.
  2. No record of the core questions appears.
  3. Student comments paraphrased: no exact speech transcriptions are offered.
Full Text: Available at http://jalt-sa.org/PDF/Ryuugaku-4(1).pdf


study abroad program effects, L2 motivation, short-term study abroad, SA interactions

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