RYŪGAKU: Explorations in Study Abroad

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Title: Understanding L2 motivation in a study abroad context

Author: Mitchell Fryer

Published: January 2012 (Volume 5, No. 1)

Pages: 14 - 26

Type of Article: single case study

Informants: A twenty-year old Japanese female university student doing a one-year SA in the UK who also did a 1 year SA in New Zealand while in high school

Instrument(s): A semi-structured interview with sixteen core questions in English was used

Procedure: The interview was then transcribed and categorically coded a posteri by the author

Results Six factors thought to have enhanced the L2 motivation of the informant are contrasted with five that appear to have inhibited it.

Validity Issues:
  1. The data is based on a single interview and subject to recall bias
  2. The interview data was coded only one rater
  3. This offers the profile of only one "successful" language learner
Full Text: Available at http://jalt-sa.org/PDF/5-1-Fryer.pdf


L2 motivation, learner psychology, study abroad, demotivators

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