RYŪGAKU: Explorations in Study Abroad

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Title: Motivating learners for study abroad: Strategies for facilitating L2 motivation and acquisition

Author: Mitchell Fryer

Published: August 2012 (Volume 5, No. 2)

Pages: 2 - 14

Type of Article: qualitative research study

Informants: 8 students from a private high school in Japan who participated in a SA program in New Zealand

Instrument(s): A semi-structured interview with sixteen core questions in English was used

Procedure: A thematic analysis was conducted based repeated readings of the transcribed interviews by the author

Results Six factors thought to have enhanced the L2 motivation are outlined

Validity Issues:
  1. The interview data was coded only one rater
  2. The procedure by which catagories were chosen during the thematic analysis should be more explicit
Full Text: Available at http://jalt-sa.org/PDF/5-2-Fryer.pdf


L2 motivation, motivational strategies, L2 acquisition, study abroad

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